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A Needed Paradigm Shift for Agricultural Marketing in Asia (5850)
Yang Boo Choe The Agrofood New Marketing Network Nonghup Yongsan Annex 6F, 15-19 Hangangro-2ga, Yongsan gu, Seoul, Korea, 2002-11-01
A Soil Testing Service for Farmers in Thailand, Using Mobile Laboratories (3885)
Narong Chinabut Office of Science for Land Development Land Development Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Bangkok 10900, Thailand, 2003-11-01
A strategy to strengthen the local food systems in Korea: urban agriculture (4291)
Hogun Chong, Tae-Gon Kim Korea Rural Economic Institute 119-1 Hoegi-Road, Dongdaemun-ku, Seoul, 130-710, Korea
A Sustainable Pest Management Strategy for Sweetpotato Weevil in Cuba: A Success Story (4835)
A. LagnaouiInstituto Nacional de Investigaciones de Viandas Tropicales (INIVIT), Santa Clara, Cuba., 2000-12-01
A Sustainable Upland Farming System for Indonesia (8429)
J. Sri Adiningsih and A. Syarifuddin Karama Center for Soil and Agroclimate Research (CSAR) Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Jl, Ir. H. Juanda 98, Indonesia, 1992-09-01
Adoption of Water Saving Technologies in Rice Production in the Philippines1 (5145)
R.M. Lampayan1, B.A.M. Bouman1, J.L. de Dios3, A.T. Lactaoen2, A.J. Espiritu3, T.M. Norte2, E.J.P. Quilang3, D.F. Tabbal1, L.P. Llorca2, J.B. Soriano2, A.A. Corpuz3, R.B. Malasa3 and V.R. Vicmudo2 1International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines 2National Irrigation Administration, Groundwater Irrigation System Reactivation Project, Tarlac, Philippines 3Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice), Maligaya, Muñoz, Philippines, 2004-09-01
Advanced Technology for Producing Healthy Seeds or Vegetative Materials (3652)
C.A. Chang Dept. of Plant Pathology Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Wu-feng, Taichung 413 Taiwan ROC, 2003-10-01
Agricultural Cooperatives in Thailand: Innovations and Opportunities in the 21ST Century (7870)
Suwanna Thuvachote Department of Cooperatives Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University Phahol Yotin Rd., Bangkok 10903, Thailand, 2007-06-01
Agricultural Cooperatives in Vietnam: Innovations and Opportunities (3967)
Nguyen Van Nghiem Department of Cooperatives and Rural Development Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Vietnam, 2008-01-15
Agricultural Marketing Information for Selected Commodities in Malaysia (9670)
Fatimah Mohd. Arshad and Kusairi Mohd. Noh Faculty of Economics and Management Universiti Pertanian Malaysia 43400, Serdang, Malaysia, 1994-10-01
Agricultural Pest Management at a Crossroads: New Opportunities and New Risks (5539)
Tjaart. W. Schillhorn van Veen The World Bank 1818 H Street N.W. Washington D.C. 20433, USA, 1999-04-01
Agricultural Policy Reforms in Indonesia: Accelerating Growth with Equity (4109)
Achmad Suryana and Erwidodo Center for Agor-Socioeconomic Research Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Jalan Jend A. Yani 70, Bogor 16161 Indonesia, 1996-12-01
Agricultural Research to Help the Small-Scale Farmer in Developing Countries (4313)
Jan Bay-Petersen Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for the ASPAC Region Taipei, Taiwan ROC, 1985-07-01
Agricultural Technology Transfer: From Free-of-Charge to Payable Services Considering Human Factors (4308)
Hsueh-Shih Lin Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (DARES) 150, Sec. 2, Ji-An Road, Hualien County, Taiwan ROC, 2005-12-01
Agricultural Water Management Systems in Indonesia: Current Status and Policy Direction (5595)
Oleh Song Sumaryanto Indonesian Center For Agriculture Socio Economics And Policy Studies Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Ministry of Agriculture
Agricultural Water Management Systems in Taiwan: Current Status and Policy Directions (4124)
MingDaw Su, Professor Dept. of BioEnvironmental Systems Engineering National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 10617 sumd@ntu.edu.tw Yi Fong Ho, Technical Specialist Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan No.37, Nanhai Road, Taipei, Taiwan 10014 yifong@mail.coa.gov.tw
Agricultural Water Management Systems in the Philippines: Current Status and Policy Direction (16141)
Bonifacio S. Labiano Division Manager A, Irrigation Engineering Center (IEC), National Irrigation Administration (NIA), EDSA, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Agriculture-Fertilizer Interface in the Asian and Pacific Region: Issues of Growth, Sustainability, and Vulnerability (7090)
Saleem Ahmed Program on Environment, East-West Center, 1777 East-West Road, Honolulu, HI 96848, USA, 1994-10-01
Agro-Ecological Analysis for Agricultural Development in Indonesia (4356)
Istiqlal Amien Center for Soil and Agroclimate Research Jalan Juanda 98 Bogor 16123, Indonesia, 2002-10-01
Agro-Waste for Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms in Taiwan (11092)
Jin-Torng Peng TPHealth Co., Ltd. No. 44, Sec. 2, Yongsing Rd., Dongshan Township Ilan, Taiwan ROC, 2010-05-04
Agrobiodiversity conservation and use in Asia, Pacific and Oceania Region (3896)
LS Sebastian, D Chandrabalan, KH Borromeo, Z Zhang and PN Mathur Bioversity International, Asia, Pacific and the Oceania (APO). PO Box 236, UPM Post Office, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
An Application of Rural Landscape Information System for Assessment of Alien Plant Species in Paddy Landscape in Japan (4303)
Shori Yamamoto and Yoshinobu Kusumoto National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES) 3-1-3 Kan-nondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8604, Japan, 2010-04-27
Hung-Chang Huang1, Pao-Jen Ann2, and R. Scott Erickson3 1,2Plant Pathology Division, Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), Wufeng, Taichung, Taiwan 3Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Research Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada e-mail: hchuang@tari.gov.tw
Approaches to the Problem on Pesticide Residues in Crops and Soils in Japan (6727)
Yasuhiro Yogo Organochemicals Division, National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, 3-1-3, Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8604, Japan, 2009-03-23
KenIchi Kubo Professional Technologist for Fertilizer Zen-noh, Department of Fertilizers and Pesticides, Kyushu office Reisen-machi 5-35, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, 812-0039 Japan
Area-Wide Control of the Oriental Fruit FLY and Melon FLY in Taiwan (5475)
Tze-chung Huang1, Edward Y. Cheng2, Ching-Hua Kao2, Yu-Bing Hwang2 and Ming-Yao Chiang1 1Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan ROC 2Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan ROC, 2008-01-16
Assessment of Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollutants, and the Management of Agricultural Soils (4285)
Sun-Gang Yun, Won-Il Kim, Jong-Sik Lee, Goo-Bok Jung, Jin-Ho Kim, Joung-Du Shin and Hwan Koh Environment Ecology Division, Dept. of Agriculture Environment National Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (NIAST) Rural Development Administration (RDA) Republic of Korea, 2002-11-01
Australia and Huanglongbing (7517)
GAC Beattie1, P Holford1, DJ Mabberley1,2, AM Haigh1 and P Broadbent3 1Centre for Plant and Food Science, University of Western Sydney, Locked Bag 1797, Penrith South DC, New South Wales 1797, Australia; 2 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AB, United Kingdom; 3 PO Box 46 Mulgoa, NSW 2745, Australia, 2010-04-16
B. Use of Natural Enemies to Control Pests on Deciduous Fruit Trees (4552)
Hiroshi Amano and Akio TakafujiGraduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University Kyoto 606-8502, Japan, 2001-09-01
BBTV, CMV and Other Viruses Affecting Banana in Asia and the Pacific (5504)
L.V. Magnaye and R.V. Valmayor* Bureau of Plant Industry, Davao, Philippines *INIBAP Asia and the Pacific Network, c/o PCARRD, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines, 1995-12-01
Better Utilization of by-Products from the Meat Industry (9377)
Deng-Cheng Liu Department of Animal Science National Chung-Hsing University Taichung, Taiwan ROC, 2002-10-01
Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides Research and Development at Uplb (27958)
Pio A. Javier1 and Marilyn B. Brown2 1Crop Protection Cluster, University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) College, Laguna 4031 2BIOTECH, UPLB, College, Laguna 4031, 2009-04-07
Bioavailability and Safety Issues of Heavy Metals in Paddy Soil-Rice Continuum in Korea (5086)
Won-Il Kim1*, Jae E. Yang2, Goo-Bok Jung3, Byung-Jun Park1, Sang-Won Park1, Jin-Kyoung Kim1, Oh-Kyung Kwon1, and Gab-Hee Ryu1 1National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, RDA, Suwon 441-707, Korea 2Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 200-701, Korea 3Rural Development Administration, Suwon 441-707, Korea *Corresponding author, 2009-04-07
Matthew S Heard, Claire Carvell, Richard Pywell, Ben Woodcock NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8BB, UK
Biological Control of Insect Pests in Japan a. Control of Multiple Pests of Tea, and Spider Mites in Greenhouses (4357)
Akio Takafuji and Hiroshi AmanoLaboratory of Applied Entomology and Zoology, Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University, Matsudo 271-8510, Japan, 2001-08-01
Biological Invasions: Assessment and Management of Environmental Risk (5193)
D.A. Andow Department of Entomology University of Minnesota St. Paul, MN 55108 United States, 2003-10-01
Biomass Energy — Status, Opportunities and Challenges in the Asia-Pacific Region (5961)
Conrado S. Heruela Independent Consultant United Nations (UN) System - Bangkok, Thailand 448/391 Subkaew, Tower, 448 Oracha Utit Road Huay, Kwang Bangkok 10320, Thailand, 2010-04-29
Biomethanol Production from Various Forms of Biomass: Utilization of Forage Grasses, Trees, and Crop Residues (9654)
Hitoshi Nakagawa1,5, Toshirou Harada2, Toshimitsu Ichinose3, Shinji Matsumoto3, Keiji Takeno3 and Masayasu Sakai4 1National Institute of Livestock & Grassland Science, NARO 768 Senbonmatsu, Nasu-Shiobara, Tochigi 329-2793, Japan 2Forestry & Forest Products Research Institute 1 Matsunosato, Kukizaki, Ibaraki 305-8687, Japan 3Combustion and Heat Transfer Laboratory, Technical Headquarters, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. 5-717-1 Fukahori, Nagasaki, Nagasaki 851-0392, Japan 4Nagasaki Insti
Boron Deficiency of Crops in Taiwan (6238)
Sheng-Bin Ho Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University Taipei 106, Taiwan, ROC, 2000-08-01
Challenge of Globalization to Agriculture in the Asian and Pacific Region (7307)
Jung-Sup Choi Professor, Food Resource Economics Yeongnam University 214-1 Dae-dong Gyeongsan Gyeong Sangbuk-do 712-749 Korea Email: jsupchoi@naver.com
Challenges and Various Developmental Strategies in Korean Urban/Peri-Urban Agriculture (3983)
Woong Kwon NACF Research Institute 9F, Imgwang Bldg., 267, Migeung-dong, Seodaemoon-gu, Seoul 120-705 Korea, 2007-05-31
Citrus Production in Japan: New Trends in Technology (4974)
Isao Iwagaki Faculty of Agriculture, Shizuoka University Oh-ya 836, Shizuoka City, Japan 422, 1997-05-01
Toru Iwanami NARO Fruit Tree Institute Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8605, Japan
Co-Composting Potato Starch Sludge with Swine Manure (5743)
Jae E. Yang, Hae-Nam HyunResearch Management Bureau, Rural Development Agency (RDA), Suwon, 441-707, Korea, 2001-11-01
Combined Forestry and Livestock Production in the Uplands of Kyushu, Japan (4089)
Yasuo Ogawa Department of Grassland, Hokkaido National Agricultural Experiment Station, Japan, 1995-06-01
Composting Empty Fruit Bunches of Oil Palm (6227)
M. Suhaimi and H.K. Ong Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), P.O. Box 12301, 50774 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2001-11-01
Control of Cotton Aphid and Greenhouse Whitefly with a Fungal Pathogen (5134)
Jeong Jun Kim, Min Ho Lee, Cheol-Sil YoonDepartment of Agrobiology, Chonnam National University, Kwangju, 500-757, Korea, 2001-10-01
Control of Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus Urticae) by a Predatory Mite (Phytoseiulus Persimilis) (4799)
Yong-Heon Kim Division of Entomology National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (NIAST), RDA Korea, 2001-10-01
Crop-Livestock Farming in the Uplands of Taiwan (4959)
Hsin-hao Chen Animal Industry Dept., Council of Agriculture 37 Nan-Hai Rd, Taipei Taiwan ROC, 1995-06-01
Crop-Livestock Integration in Hokkaido, Japan, Based on Ammonia Treated Straw As Livestock Feed (5341)
Hiroki Ukawa Department of Rural Development Hokkaido National Agricultural Experiment Station Hitsujigaoka, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 062 Japan, 1995-06-01
Cropping Systems and Their Mechanisms of Nutrient Uptake (6046)
Joji Arihara National Agriculture Research Center, 3-1-1 Kannondai, Tsukuba, 305-8666 Japan, 2000-10-01
Current Global Situation of Emerging Infectious Diseases of Livestock (8136)
Richard Paul Kitching Canadian Food Inspection Agency National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease 1050 Arlington Street, Winnipeg Manitoba R3E 3M4 Canada, 2004-06-01
Current situation and strategies for developing alternative local food system in Taiwan (4767)
Jong-Wen Wann? Professor, Department of Applied Economics, National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Current Status and Development of Plant Pest Information Management System in Taiwan (3656)
Ying Yeh Deputy Director General Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan ROC, 2008-01-15
Current Status and Future Direction of Commercial Production and Use of Bio-Fertilizers in Japan (6584)
Tadashi Yokoyama1 and Takuji Ohyama2 1Institute of Symbiotic Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Saiwai-Chou 3-5-8, Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan. 2Faculty of Agriculture, Niigata University, Igarashi-2-machi, Nishiku, Niigata, Japan, 2009-04-07
Current Status and Future Perspectives of Supply Chain Management of Organic Fods in Asia (2632)
Current Status of Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides Development, Farmer's Acceptance and Their Utilization in Korea (7246)
Hyeong-Jin Jee Organic Farming Division National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology Rural Development Administration, Suwon 441-707, Korea, 2009-04-07
Current Status of Bio-Fertilizers Development, Farmers' Acceptance and Utilization, and Future Perspective in Taiwan (3880)
Shiuan-Yuh Chien1, Chiu-Chung Young2 and Ching-Li Wang3 1 Senior Researcher, Division of Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan ROC 2 Professor, Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences, National Chunghsing University, Taiwan ROC 3 Professor, Department of Plant Industry, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan ROC, 2009-03-25
Current Status of Bio-Pesticides Development, Farmer's Acceptance and Utilization, and Future Perspective in Taiwan (5221)
Suey-Sheng Kao Biopesticides Division Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute Council of Agriculture, Wufeng, Taichung, 413 Taiwan ROC, 2009-03-25
Current Status of Bioherbicide Development and Prospects for Rice in Asia (5073)
Alan K. Watson* Plant Science Department, McGill University, 21,111 Lakeshore Road, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, H9X 3V9, Canada, 1993-10-01
Current Status of Genetically Modified Products in Global Agriculture and Trade (14472)
Te-Yeh Ku Council of Agriculture 37 Nanhai Rd Taipei, Taiwan ROC, 2003-03-01
Hisashi Nemoto Institute of Crops and field, Saitama Prefectural Agriculture and Forestry Research Center Kubojima, Kumagaya, Saitama, 360-0831 Japan Email: nemoto.hisashi@pref.saitama.lg.jp
Current Status of Organic Materials Recycling in Southern Taiwan (5354)
Shan Ney Huang and Jinn Ching Lin Tainan District Agriculture Improvement Station 350 Sec. 1, Lin Shen Road Council of Agriculture, Tainan City, 2001-11-01
Current Status of the Asian-Pacific Alien Species Database (Apasd) and Its International Network (4009)
Atsushi Mochizuki National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences Kannondai 3-1-3, Tsukuba, 305-8604 Japan, 2008-01-15
Current Status of Transgenic Approach for the Control of Papaya Ringspot Virus (4386)
Shyi-Dong Yeh Department of Plant Pathology National Chung-Hsing University Taichung 402, Taiwan ROC, 2005-11-01
Cut-and-Carry Forage Systems Based on Nitrogen-Fixing Plants for Asia's Tropical Slopelands (6440)
J. Jeff Palmer Mindanao Baptist Rural Life Center Kinuskusan, Bansalan, Davao del Sur, Philippines, 1998-12-01
Dairy Cattle Management in a Hot Environment (5933)
Mitsunori Kurihara and Shigeru Shioya* Department of Animal Physiology and Nutrition, National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0901, Japan *Department of Animal Feeding and Management, National Insitute of Livestock and Grassland Science, Nishinasuno, Todhigi 329-2793, Japan, 2003-09-01
Debt-Restructuring Program for Heavily Indebted Farm Households in Korea (4325)
Seong-Jae Park Office of Planning and Coordination Korea Rural Economic Institute 4-102, Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu Seoul, Korea, 2004-10-01
Determining the Sex of Papaya for Improved Production1) (14719)
Pablito M. Magdalita* and Charles P. Mercado *Fruit and Ornamental Crops Division Institute of Plant Breeding College of Agriculture University of the Philippines at Los Banos College, Laguna, Philippines, 2003-10-01
Developing Policies for Agriculture and the Environment (4266)
Chang-Gil Kim Korea Rural Economic Institute 4-102 Hoegi-Dong, Dondaemoon-Ku Seoul, 130-710, Korea, 2001-12-01
Development and Application of Biofertilizers in Taiwan (4533)
Development and Application of High- Resolution Gis-Based Atlas to Enhance Watershed Management in the Philippines (3789)
Nathaniel C. Bantayan Institute of Renewable Natural Resources College of Forestry and Natural Resources University of the Philippines at Los Banos, College, Laguna, Philippines, 2002-10-01
Development of Cottage Food Processing Enterprises in Rural Taiwan (7349)
Lin, Shin-Bong Food Industry Research and Development Institute P.O. Box 246, Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC, 1995-09-01
Development of Gap and Traceability System for Greening the Food Chain in Taiwan (6882)
Jong-I Hu Economics and Planning Department Council of Agriculture (COA), Taiwan ROC 37 Nanhai Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, 2009-04-06
Development of Portable Soil Information System and Its Future Use in Niigata Prefecture, Japan (4201)
Toshimitsu Honma Niigata Agricultural Research Institute 840 Nagakurachou, Nagaoka, Niigata 940-0826, Japan, 2010-04-20
Development of Sectioned and Formed Meat Products Using Deboned Meats (5162)
Yun-Chu Wu Department of Animal Science, Tunghai University 181, Taichung Harbour Rd. Sec. 3, Taichung, Taiwan, ROC, 2002-10-01
Development of Self-Reliant Bio-Farming System by Employing Natural Energy (4676)
Nobuo KIMURA1*, Yasuzumi FUJIMORI1, Hajime YASUI1, Hiroyuki MIZUTA1, Tomoki ABE1, Shinji ADACHI1 and Yuki TAKAHASHI2 1Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University *3-1-1 Minato, Hakodate, Hokkaido, 041-8611, Japan, kimura@fish.hokudai.ac.jp 2Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University
Development of Soil Information System and Its Application in Korea (8766)
S. Young Hong, Yong Seon Zhang, Yi Hyun Kim, Kang Ho Jung, Ye Jin Lee, Eunyoung Choe, Sang Keun Ha, Yeon Kyu Sonn, Byung Keun Hyun, Myung Suk Kim, Seung Oh Hur, Kwan Cheol Song, Goo Bok Jung, Gun Yeob Kim, and Ki Yeol Jung National Academy of Agricultural Science (NAAS), Rural Development Administration (RDA) 150 Suinro, Gweonsun-gu, Suwon 441-707, Korea, 2010-04-19
Development of the Agricultural Food Processing Industry in Taiwan (4288)
Tze-Ching Lin Food Technology and Processing Section Department of Animal Industry Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan 37 Nan Hai Road, Taipei 106, Taiwan ROC, 2004-11-01
Development of the Asian-Pacific Alien Species Database (Apasd) (4219)
Masaharu Matsui1, Koushi Nishiyama1, Yasuo Ogawa1, Toshiki Shiomi1, Akihiro Konuma1 and Kohji Yasuda2 1Department of Biological Safety and 2Natural Resources Inventory Center National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences Kannondai 3-1-3, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8604, Japan, 2005-11-01
Developments in Plastic Structures and Materials for Horticultural Crops (7869)
D.W. Robinson Baron's Brae, Baily, County Dublin, Ireland, 1991-06-01
Kenichi Tsuchiya, Mitsuo Horita*, Htet Wai Wai Kyaw, Daisuke Kurose*, Yasuhiro Suga**, Kazutaka Yano***, Minoru Takeshita, Naruto Furuya Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, Kyushu University 6-10-1, Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812-8581, Japan * National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES), Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8604, Japan **Nagasaki Agricultural and Forestry Technical Development Center, Unzen, Nagasaki, Japan *** Kochi Agricultural Research Center, Nankoku, Kochi, Japan
E-Commerce in Taiwan's Agricultural Marketing (4531)
Fu-Shan Liu Farmers' Service Department 37 Nanhai Road Taipei, Taiwan ROC, 2002-11-01
Ecological Characteristics of Three Invasive Plants (Leucaena Leucocephala, Mikania Micrantha, and Stachytarpheta Urticaefolia) in Southern Taiwan (3917)
Kuo, Yau-Lun National Pingtung Univ. of Science and Technology 1 Hsuehfu Rd., Neipu, Pingtung 912, Taiwan, 2003-12-01
Ecological Concerns in Crop-Livestock Integration in Sloping Land (5561)
Percy E. Sajise SEAMEO SEARCA U.P. Los Baños, College, Laguna, Philippines 4031, 1998-11-01
Ecological Sustainability of the Paddy Soil-Rice System in Asia (6933)
Kazutake Kyuma Department of Environmental Science The University of Shiga Prefecture 2500 Hassaka-cho, Hikone City Japan 522, 1995-09-01
Ecology of the Insect Vectors of Citrus Systemic Diseases and Their Control in Taiwan (3497)
Chiou-nan Chen Department of Entomology, National Taiwan University Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, 1998-10-01
Economics of Balanced Fertilization in Irrigated Rice Farms (4977)
Rogelio N. Concepcion, Perfecto P. Evangelista & Edna D. Samar Bureau of Soils and Water Management, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines, 1999-07-01
Effect of Intensive Fertilizer Use on Groundwater Quality (4898)
Michinori Nishio Institute of Agricultural and Forest Engineering University of Tsukuba Tennodai 1-1-1, Tsukuba 305-8572 Japan, 2002-09-01
Effective Conservation Practices for the Cultivation of Slopelands (4952)
Chia-Chun Wu Dept. Soil and Water Conservation National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Taiwan, 1998-08-01
Efficiency of Nitrogen Fertilization on Upland Crops Grown in Multiple Cropping Systems in Taiwan (6518)
S. Lian Department of Agricultural Chemistry Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Wufeng, Taichung 41301, ROC on Taiwan, 1991-12-01
Efficient Use of Fertilizer Nitrogen by Crops (5622)
J.R. Freney, M.B. Peoples, and A.R. Mosier* CSIRO, Division of Plant Industry, G.P.O. Box 1600, Canberra, A.C.T. 2601, Australia * United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, P.O. Box E, Fort Collins, Colorado 80522, USA, 1995-11-01
C. A. Relevante1, S. Cheewachaiwit2, J. Chuapong3, M. Stratongjun4, V. E. Salutan1, D. Peters5, C.H. Balatero1 and S. J. de Hoop2 1East-West Seed Company, Inc., Hortanova Research Center, Purok 3, Brgy. Pagolingin Bata, Lipa City, Batangas, the Philippines 2Hortigenetics Research (S.E. Asia) Limited, Station 7 Moo 9, Tambol Maefack Mai Sansai, Chiang Mai 50290 Thailand; 3Hortigenetics Research (S.E.Asia) Limited, 195 M.2 T. Pongphare, A.Maelao, Chiang Rai 57000 Thailand 4Hortigenetics Research (S.E.Asia) Limited, Station 33 Moo 4, Tambol Nongbur, Songphinong, Suphanburi 72190 Thailand 5Laboratory of Virology, Department of Plant Sciences, Wageningen University, P.O. Box 629, 6700 AP Wageningen, the Netherlands E-mail: cherry.relevante@eastwestseed.com
Ensuring the Safety of Genetically Modified Food Crops (3978)
Dolores A. Ramirez and Evelyn Mae Tecson-Mendoza Institute of Plant Breeding, College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines at Los Banos, College, Laguna 4031, Philippines, 2003-08-01
Environmental and Biotic Contamination by Persistent Organic Pollutants (Pops) in the Asia-Pacific Region (6399)
Shinsuke Tanabe Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES), Ehime University Bunkyo-cho 2-5, Matsuyama 790-8577, Japan E-mail: shinsuke@agr.ehime-u.ac.jp, 2011-07-13
Anthony Ringrose-Voase CSIRO Land and Water, GPO Box 1666, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Eradication of Sweet Potato Weevil, Cylas Formicarius Fabricius from Muroto City, Kochi, Japan (4882)
Kazuhiro Komi Kochi Prefectural Agriculture Research Center, Hataeda 1100, Nankoku, Kochi 783-0023 Japan, 2000-12-01
Establishing a Stable Potato Production System in Japan and Developing New Varieties with Specific End-Use Characteristics (5335)
Motoyuki Mori Potato Breeding Laboratory, Department of Upland Agriculture National Agricultural Research Center for Hokkaido Region Memuro-cho, Hokkaido 082-0071 Japan, 2004-12-01
Establishment and Extension of Information System for Irrigation Water Quality Monitoring and Management (4862)
Chih Hung Tan Information Division, Agricultural Engineering Research Center (AERC) No. 196-1, Chung-Yuan Rd. Chungli 32084, Taiwan ROC, 2010-04-19
Establishment of a Disease-Free Citrus Nursery System and Demonstration of Integrated Crop Health Management of Citrus Orchards (4566)
Ha Minh Trung1, Le Thi Thu Hong2 and Ngo Vinh Vien3 1Vietnam Gardening Association (VACVINA), 15 Thank Cong-Ba Dinh, Hanoi 2Southern Fruit Research Institute (SOFRI), 203 MyTho, Tien Giang and 3National Institute of Plant Protection (NIPP) Vietnam, 2005-12-01
Evaluation of Environmental Services of Agriculture in Taiwan (4088)
Ming-chien Chen Department of Agricultural Economics National Taiwan University, 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei, Taiwan ROC, 2002-07-01
Expansion of the Golden Apple Snail, Pomacea Canaliculata, and Features of Its Habitat (4900)
Ito Kenji Department of Entomology and Nematology National Agricultural Research Center Kannondai 3-1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8666 Japan, 2003-11-01
Exporting Fruit from Low Fruit FLY Prevalence Zones with a Multiple Mitigation Systems Approach (3388)
Eric B. Jang1, Ronald F.L. Mau2, R.I. Vargas1, and D.O. McInnis3 1USDA-ARS, U.S. Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center, P.O. Box 4459, Hilo, Hawaii 96720, USA 2College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaii, 3050 Maile Way, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, USA 3USDA-ARS, U.S. Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center, 2727 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, USA, 2008-01-15
Extension of Good Agricultural Practices Towards Safety of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (2307)
Farm Size and Structural Reform of Agriculture I. Korea (3672)
So-Hyun Kim Farm Management Research Division Research Department National Agricultural Cooperative Federation 75, 1-Ka, Chungjeong-Ro, Jung-Ku, Republic of Korea, 1992-04-01
Fate of Persistent Organic Pollutants (Pops) in Soils and Their Effect on Food Safety (6533)
Rai S Kookana CSIRO Land and Water, PMB 2, Glen Osmond, 5064, Australia E-mail: Rai.Kookana@csiro.au, 2011-07-13
Feeding Management and Strategies for Lactating Dairy Cows Uner Heat Stress (4323)
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